Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Year In Review

As we look back upon this year about to end, we can feel good about our Partnerships with our Sponsors and our Accomplishments. Here are a few of the things we got done which benefit many.

-- Received 2nd Stream Partners Grant from WV Environmental Protection Agency
-- Increased our mailing list from 234 to 355
-- Held four public meetings for our residents with the average attendance of 145
-- Published three NEWSLETTERS
-- Eighteen letters were penned to representatives and agency heads in Wash. D.C.
-- Removed two large fallen trees from Dunloup Creek in Glen Jean
-- Installed new roadside sign in Glen Jean noting “Entering our Watershed”
-- Made two trips to Washington D.C. on behalf of our efforts toward funding
-- Saw the Kilsyth mine reclamation project completed; improves water quality
-- Received funds from two earmarks amounting to $2.246 million dollars
-- Voluntary application process commenced on 10 June/ended 1 Sept
-- Ranking letters from NRCS Beckley were mailed to residents who made application
-- Met the new Chief, David White of NRCS/USDA in Washington D.C.
-- Visited offices of Senator Byrd & Rockefeller and Congressman Nick Rahall
-- Office of Management & Budget approved Dunloup Creek Watershed Project
-- House Agriculture Committee grants authorization to Dunloup Creek Project
-- Senate Agriculture Committee grants authorization to Dunloup Creek Project
-- NRCS/Fayette County Commission join forces in preparing for surveys/appraisals

Dunloup Creek Watershed Association is very thankful for Senator Robert C. Byrd and his staff. We are thankful for our state representatives and to all the members of agency sponsors who have been extremely helpful in advancing our cause. We appreciate the members of our executive staff and board members of Dunloup Creek Watershed Association who allowed us to implement a new strategy that began back in May 2004.

Yes, this year has seen advancements in getting relief from the flooding and improving the quality of water within Dunloup Creek. WE will ALL benefit from these actions. Lets hope that 2010 will be kind to our neighbors and us. Dunloup Creek Watershed Association appreciates you all.